School Projects


Wireless Sensor Network Research

Masters Research
My wireless sensor network research progress, which focuses on wireless sensor network modeling as well as the feasibility of underground wireless sensor networks.

Mobile Node

Central Pivot Irrigation Control via WSN
A research project using a wireless sensor network (WSN) to control a center pivot irrigation system via SMS (text) messages to advance precision agriculture.

Mobile Node

Sparsely Distributed, Mobile WSN Protocol
A mobile, wireless sensor network (WSN) routing protocol is proposed with the goal of reaching hard-to-reach stationary nodes, which collect data using very minimal energy.

NoC with Reservation

Software Profiling to Improve Network on Chip Performance
A process scheduler is proposed that profiles applications as they run on a Network on Chip configuration. In addition to using locality to schedule the processes, profiles are used to predict near-future resourced, which are allocated ahead of time to reduce contention.


Geographically Separated WSN Communication Management
A project aiming to join separate wireless sensor networks (WSN) into one network. The project shows that it is possible to have any mote in any network communicate with any other mote as well as an application running on the server itself.

8 Puzzle

Sliding Number Puzzle
AI project: use search to solve the sliding number puzzle size 8 (8-puzzle). Uses A* graph search to attempt to find the solution. It highlights the exponential nature of trying to find the best solution.

Laser Tag

Laser Tag
My group's electrical senior design project. Created the whole game from scratch. I was the group leader and I was also in charge of the Microprocessor (Arduino) programming. A custom PCB was made and the optics were designed and built by our group too.


Built with an Altera up2 FPGA using a VGA and keyboard interface. Based on the classic video game.


Also built with the Altera up2 FPGA. There are five LED lights and five corresponding push buttons. Hit the correct push button when the LED lights up. Quicker hits yield a higher scores.

Alarm Clock

PIC Alarm Clock
A multi-function alarm clock created on the PIC microprocessor. Modes include: time, date, day of the week and up to sixteen different alarms which can be set once or repeat. Snooze functionality too.


Heinrich Friedrich Emil Lenz
A Discussion of the Life of Heinrich Friedrich Emil Lenz. A brief biography of Lenz's life with a focus on his contributions to electrical engineering.

Altera up2 FPGA

Pipelined Cache Enabled Processor
A 32 bit, 5 stage pipelined processor built on the MIPS architecture.

Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon Game
Six degrees of separation game. Enter two actors or actresses and the program will show you how they are connected via movies and movie stars. The database has been restored (but still incomplete). Click to play.

Outside of My Major

Saturday Evening Post

Historical Snapshot of Women's Roles
Analysis public perception of women in The Saturday Evening Post - 1957

Cap Maker's Story

A Cap Maker's Story
Analysis paper of A Cap Maker's Story.

Just for Fun

Android Phone

Android Game Development
Lately I've been creating games for the Android phones. I enjoy programming and there are some games that do not exist that I want to play, so I am creating them in my free time.


Nebraska State Capitol in Lego
I am also creating the Nebraska State Capitol out of legos. I have finished the tower, but have not started on the base yet.


Winner of 'Best Digital Animation' - Digies 2005
A digital 3D animation I created in high school of two swordsmen fighting.