Software Developer at EFJohnson

I Graduated from UNL December 2011 with a Master's degrees in Computer Science focusing on underground wireless sensor networks. I am currently working at EFJohnson Technologies as a software developer in the land mobile radio field. In my free time I program Android applications as well as build LEGO I live with my wife, Nicole and our daughter, Jessica, here in Lincoln.

Proficient Programming Languages and Scripts:

Familiar with:

  • JavaScript
  • Assembly (MIPS, PIC, Z80) and have created my own
  • VHDL
  • PHP, Perl, Python
  • MySQL and SQLite
  • Perl

Classes I've taught while at UNL:

  • Computer Organization I
  • Data Structures and Algorithms (Lab)
  • Computer Science I (Lab)
  • MATLAB (Lab)

For more profession information about myself, please see my resume.

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